Creating shortcuts (*.lnk) to another folder 
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 Creating shortcuts (*.lnk) to another folder


Using VB 6.0 on NT4.0

Is it possible to programatically create shortcut files (*.lnk) within
VB6.0 to another folder on the filesystem; i.e. I want something similar
to the MkDir function but for shortcuts; ideally passing the name of the
shortcut file and its mapped folder as parameters.

e.g. I have a folder C:\FOLDER1 and I want to create a shortcut,
C:\SHORTCUT.LNK which when referenced picks up all the objects in

I've searched the archives, but can only find references to
"fCreateShellLink Lin SKIT432.DLL" for earlier versions.

Thank you

Andrew Tindle

Fri, 01 Oct 2004 18:12:46 GMT  
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