What dlls needed for crystal report .ocx to be used in a VB application 
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 What dlls needed for crystal report .ocx to be used in a VB application


I just want to preview and print a Crystal Report in my VB 6 (sp 5)
application.  I have tried to guess what dlls I need for the Visual Studio
installer, but it works on some machines and not on others.  Odd.

Does anybody know for sure exactly what dlls, and or other components I need
to package with my app to get the report to run within my app?

Maybe I should stick with using print statements instead of using external
crystal report so I dont have to wrory about DLLS.  But when I do it this
way, report prints differently on everybodys pc, margins not big enough etc

Thanks for you help

Wed, 24 Sep 2003 21:09:05 GMT  
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