Showing Oracle BLOB field as Image in VB 
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 Showing Oracle BLOB field as Image in VB

One of my table contains a BLOB FIELD which stores
image data (gif image). This has to be displayed in VB form.
To access this i have created a store procedure at backend
which returns the output in long raw.
But this long raw cannot be access in vb.
I am assuming that VB receives
hex value in string. Pls can u guide me.
How do I convert the
value to store this into .gif file.

The file of size 476 stored in BLOB field is retrived as string
of size 1904 in hex. Storing as it is does not work out.

Stored Procedure:
create or replace procedure readlob( bdata OUT long RAW) AS
src_lob BLOB;
amt BINARY_INTEGER := 32767;
pos INTEGER := 1;
lrw long raw;
select gif_img into src_lob from imgs where id=1;
DBMS_LOB.READ (src_lob, amt,1, lrw);
bdata :=lrw;

vb code
Dim con As New ADODB.Connection
Dim com As New ADODB.Command
Dim buffer As Variant
Dim Fname As String
con.Provider = "msdaora"
con.Open , "scott", "tiger"
com.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
com.CommandText = "readlob"
com.ActiveConnection = con
com.Parameters(0).Direction = adParamOutput
com.Parameters(0).type = adVariant
buffer = com.Parameters(1).Value
... ... ...

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