Starting sound program(.exe) automatically when screensaver(.scr) starts 
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 Starting sound program(.exe) automatically when screensaver(.scr) starts

I am writing in hopes that someone may have the answer to this, if there is
such a possibility. What I am hoping to do is this: I am using WW Plus
as my screensaver(great program that allows the use of jpeg's) and have
the Juker(another good program that runs my wav's). I'm wanting to know
if there is any way that I can have the Juker start automatically when
the screen saver starts. I am running Win 95 and WWPlus version 2.64 and
the Juker version 6.0 32 bit. Has anyone written a program that will
accomplish this? Or, is there a command to add to one of my
configuration files for such a process? Basically, I want to add sound
to a screensaver that I have personally created. The screensaver is a
collection of jpeg's that I have scanned and when run tells a story. I
want to add sound to this story, but wwplus is not written to accomodate
sound. The Juker is the best program I have found for playing wav's
because there is no limit to the amount of wav's that it can play. Any
help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You for your response.

        So far I have received several responses, but noone knows how to
accomplish this. I'm certain that there's a genious out there somewhere that
knows how to do this. Thanks for the help

Tue, 06 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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