CommEvent "EOF", can I disable it? 
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 CommEvent "EOF", can I disable it?

I'm using the COMM1_OnComm() event handler and getting an event of
MSCOMM_ER_RXOVER and immediately after it a MSCOMM_ER_EOF whenever
my comm port receives an ASCII 26 (1A hex) which the help file
(after a lot of searching) defines as an EOF character.  
I don't mind ignoring the MSCOMM_ER_EOF event, but I don't like
the MSCOMM_ER_RXOVER event that occurs if I receive the ASCII 26
and before I can clear the buffer another character comes in.  

It is also strange that the MSCOMM_ER_RXOVER occurs before the
MSCOMM_ER_EOF.  If the ASCII 26 is the last character received,
then the only event is the MSCOMM_ER_EOF.  

There really isn't an overflow occuring either!  The buffer is
set to 1024 and nowhere near that many characters have been
received when the event occurs.

Is there a way to make the system not respond to the ASCII 26 and
just pass it along like any other character?  What I'm receiving
in this setup is not really ASCII characters, just 8 bit binary
data.  And, no, I can't alter the sender to make it send the data

Are there any other characters (8 bit bytes) that might come along,
(that I just haven't seen yet) that the system will respond to in
any manner and cause similar or worse grief?


Charles T. McCullough

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Tue, 02 Sep 1997 08:54:04 GMT  
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