Menu help needed for options 
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 Menu help needed for options

I am trying to create an option menu bar.  One of the options will be "Use
Default Values".  How do you get the check mark on the side of the text to
turn on and off?  Where do you persistently store the option is on or off?

I am lost on this one.



Sun, 26 Oct 2003 23:48:02 GMT  
 Menu help needed for options

The following code will place and remove the check on the menu item
munUseDefalt.  The other code will process using the default values or some
other values.

Private Sub mnuUseDefault_Click()
'This changes the check to unchecked and back with each click of the
mnuUseDefault item.
    mnuUseDefault.Checked = Not mnuUseDefault.Checked
End Sub

Public Sub DoSometing()
'The stored value of if the check is pressent is stored in the value of
    If mnuUseDefault.Checked = True Then
        'We will process with default values
        'Process with other than default values
    End If
End Sub

Bob Brand

Mon, 27 Oct 2003 00:13:03 GMT  
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