using application.quit method causing problems 
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 using application.quit method causing problems


I am the following code sample

    Dim objDoc As Word.Document

    Set obj = CreateObject("Word.Application")
    obj.Visible = True
    MsgBox ("looks ok")
    obj.Caption = "something"
    MsgBox ("another bit....")
    Set objDoc = obj.Documents.Add
    MsgBox "Opened a document"
    Set objDoc = Nothing
    MsgBox "Closed a document"
    MsgBox ("managed to quit....")
    Set obj = Nothing
    MsgBox ("reached the end....")

 I have word 2000 installed, on NT4. The code sample works fine,
untill the quit method is called, at which point the word instance
generates an application error message. (referenced memory could not
be "read")

I have also tried using the close button on the word instance created,
this too causes the same application error.

 Has anyone else seen this?



Sun, 21 Dec 2003 22:54:25 GMT  
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