VB3 Netware 3.12 print queues and high school students 
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 VB3 Netware 3.12 print queues and high school students

VB3 and Netware 3.12  print queues
HI I'm a high school teacher in charge of computer rooms at a high school
(approx 40 pc's). We are running Novel Netware 3.12 with Windows 3.11 locally
with shared data mappings. I'm well versed in VB3 and was wondering if I could
intercept print jobs (with a VB routine)  before they get sent to the print
queue. The reason I wish to do this is because often students waste vast
amounts of paper with print jobs which if screened by a teacher would
otherwise not have been allowed to print .Possibly a password protection
before any student is allowed to print? Obviously this password would change
regularly (eg changed during Lunch Times when rooms are used by students
unattended.)Any other suggestions are welcomed.
Please help save our forests! :)

Sun, 28 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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