Printing RTFTextBox hangs Win95 
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 Printing RTFTextBox hangs Win95


I use the standard MS code to print a RTFBox. It seems to work
fine on Win98 and Nt but on Win95 it hangs the printer but only
on the first print job.

If I start my EXE and print it hangs the printer - I kill the print job
and it will print fine as many times as I want with that session.
If I kill the EXE and start again it hangs the first record.

Anyone had this problem
Here is the print code


On Error Resume Next

CommonDialog1.Flags = cdlPDReturnDC + cdlPDNoPageNums
If txtReport.SelLength = 0 Then
        CommonDialog1.Flags = CommonDialog1.Flags + cdlPDAllPages
        CommonDialog1.Flags = CommonDialog1.Flags + cdlPDSelection
End If
Printer.Print ""
txtReport.SelPrint CommonDialog1.hDC

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Tue, 20 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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