Shortcut Keys and 'SOUND' Equivalent 
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 Shortcut Keys and 'SOUND' Equivalent

I am quite new to VB and I have two questions.

I've written a little application launching program which uses the shell command.  
I'd like to be able to launch an application that has the Windows 3.1
shortcut keys associated with it (e.g. ctrl-alt-n for Notepad, etc.).  I've done
some searching in HELP, KB, etc. but no luck.  Can anyone tell me how to associate
the shortcut keys with a VB launched application??  Maybe SHELL is the wrong way to go??


I used to program in Basic quite a bit and always intended to write something to
help me to learn Morse Code and maybe construct Morse Code out of text.  (This was
more of a fun programming project than anything)  Anyway, I started to do this with
VB and found that there's no SOUND command equivalent.  SOUND would let you choose
the frequency and duration of a 'beep'.  Naturally, I need to control the duration
of the sound for dots and dashes in Morse Code.  I suppose I could construct a .WAV    
file and play that but something tells me it's going to be too slow.  Anyone with

can't keep up with this newsgroup.  There are so many postings!!!

Thanx in advance.  (I really mean this.  I really appreciate all you gurus out there
who take the time to answer these newbie questions.  It's really great!)

Glen Sherman

Sat, 06 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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