Question on dialer program (loading winsock.dll) 
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 Question on dialer program (loading winsock.dll)

I am using Visual Basic Pro 4.0, I know how to make the program conect
to the server, log in to the server and then start SLiRP, but here is
where my problem is.  How do I get the program to load Winsock.dll, so
I can make the connection betwen SLiRP and Winsock.  How do I go about
making this connection, what do I need to do?  I have many add-ons for
VB, would any of them help? I have Cresent Internet Tool Pak2.0,
Cresent PDQComm3.01, and a few more, are thay of any help?
Please respond to my e-mail address because my NNTP server is not very
reliable, if you cannot, I will still look on my NNTP server for

Thank you very much,

Gadi Golan

Tue, 22 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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