Printing Current Record 
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 Printing Current Record

Hi all,  

The problem is i have a Access database which i enter the data on one
form and  view the data on 20 different "Tabbed Cards" each containg a
data contol ie Data1(1) , Data1(2)  and so on through which you view
all the records in  groups . That all works fine i use the statement

RecordSource   Select* from Index where Tgroup = "Tips" order by Lname

Index being the Table Tgroup being a field whitch corisponds to the
name on the Tab and Lname is the  name of the Record

This all works great  the problem is printing i know how to print the
content of each field but i dont know how to set the RecordSet and
Current record that i want to print.

I tried this method as each Dataset is on a PicBox

Dim ds As dynaset

If PicBox(0).Visible = True Then Exit Sub

If PicBox(1).Visible = True Then Set ds = Data1(0).Recordset.Clone()

If PicBox(2).Visible = True Then Set ds = Data1(2).Recordset.Clone()

This method returns an error saying "ds" has no Value

 These are the fields to be printed

    If IsNull(ds("LName")) Then
        Printer.Print "Unknown Name"
        Printer.Print "Recipe Name:"
        Printer.Print ds("LName")
        Printer.Print ""
        End If
 steps through each field (works fine)

If you have any other ideals i would be please to hear them. I can
also supply a working copy of the program less the print feature
please post any suggestions  or i can be reach through e-mail

This is programmed in VB 3.0 Pro

Thanks to all.....


Thu, 11 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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