Sending Printer control Codes to printer 
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 Sending Printer control Codes to printer

I have an application that requires me to send printer control codes to the
printer - for example change pitch from normal to condensed.  I do not want
to use the standard Open "LPT1" and Print # statements in my program.  I
would rather use the printer object since this way is easier to upgrade to
newer versions of VB (I'm using 4.0 Enterprise now) when and if we upgrade
to VB 5.

If I send a printer code character string using

printer.print xCode

where xCode contains the printer code, all it does is print the code - the
printer does not translate the code into a command even though it is
formatted properly with the <esc> character being the first character in
the string.

Has anyone used printer codes using the printer object with success?  If
so, can someone enlighten me as to how to send the codes properly?


Tue, 01 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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