Odd printing behavior on Win2000 
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 Odd printing behavior on Win2000

Hello all,

I have several programs which print a variety of reports and forms
filled with data collected from various lab equipment and analyses.

These programs work and print just fine running under Win98 on various
printers including many networked printers.  The programs have all
been written in VB6 Service Pack 4.

Recently we've started upgrading various computers around the labs to
Win2000.  Now, when these reports are printed, sometimes things look
just fine and other times we get lines printed through the text in
certain places on the forms.  It sort of looks like someone went in
and purposely "lined out" these areas of text.  The lines only occur
right through the middle of the text!  Almost as if the fonts
themselves had characters which included the line through the middle.
None of the lines and boxes on the pages are affected.  The "graphics"
seem to print just perfectly.  Everything is positioned correctly,
it's just that some of the text areas are "lined out".

These printouts are all implemented in code by printing to the printer
object.  You know, the old "Printer.Print" stuff.

The printouts are fairly complex (at least to me they are:).  They've
got lines, boxes, and various fonts throughout.  I also have code to
determine if the form is going to spill over onto additional pages and
then that's handled by printing a new header for each page and
continuing with more of the data charts, etc.  I even number the
pages, and that's a real trick since you never know ahead of time how
many pages the data will take!

These programs have had no printing problems operating at several
locations each with their own networks and variety of printers and PCs
using Win98 over the last couple of years.

The programs are installed directly on the workstations that use them.
 They're not run through the network.  The printing often takes place
to networked printers, however, and the programs use the normal common
dialog to let the user choose those settings.

I don't use any odd fonts.  Just various sizes of standard fonts that
come with windows.  I believe that I'm only using Arial and Courier

When we upgraded the particular workstation in question to Win2000,
the program seemed to work fine except for this intermittent printing
oddity.  Sometimes it prints the forms just perfectly and other times
we get the strikeout thing.  I'm sure that Win2000 handles the
printing differently, but I don't know how it comes up with lines
through the text!

There's probably something I'm doing in my code that's triggering this
problem that I never saw when running under 98.

If anyone has seen this, or knows why it's happening, I'd be most
appreciative of their help.



Sun, 21 Mar 2004 10:01:19 GMT  
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