GUI development opportunity using Visual Basic 
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 GUI development opportunity using Visual Basic

Daugherty Systems, a software and systems solutions provider, is expanding
our St. Louis office. We are currently looking for a person to do GUI
application development in a Visual Basic/Oracle 7 environment. The right
person does not necessarily need exposure to Oracle--we are willing to
train. The right person has at least a year of application development
using Visual Basic, knowledgs of SQL and a desire to work in a business
environment. This is a permanent full time salaried position with full
benefits: med/dental,401K, profit sharing, tuition reimbur{*filter*}t, etc.
Interested parties should contact:

Karin Conrad
Daugherty Systems
(800)737-8200 or (314)432-8200
Fax: (314)432-8217

Sun, 28 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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