Parity errors with MSCOMM 
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 Parity errors with MSCOMM

Parity problem with MSCOMM control.

I have been working on an application to send messages to alphanumeric
pagers and I am getting parity errors in the received data.

I have used the SETTINGS property to set the data format to 7 data
bits, Even Parity, and 1 Stop bit as required by the paging company. I
keep getting parity errors in the received data.

I can successfully connect and receive data from Pagemaster, another
program designed for paging (which uses 7,e,1 as I have). I can also
connect and receive data just fine using Procomm Plus (also using

Any clues as to why VB and/or MSCOMM are giving me a problem?

I have tried this with VB4.0 16 bit, VB4.0 32 bit and VB5.


Michael E. Floyd

Wed, 22 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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