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 RubberBand TextBox

iese) writes:

>I want to create {*filter*}Band ListBoxes in my application like in the Visual-
>DesignMode. What I did:

>1. I loaded eight black squarish Labels around the TextBox.
>        Label().DragMode=Manual

>2. In the Label.MouseDown event I saved the MousePointerCoords (in
>   globals). relative to the form.

>3. I placed a Rectangel-Shape with the TextBox's X,Y,W,H on the form

>4. I disable all controls on the form to get the MouseMove- and DragOver-
>   Events to the form.

>5. In Form.DragOver I resized the RectangleShape.

>6. In Form_DragDrop I hide the Shape and set the new TextBox.Properties
>   (x,y,w,h).

>(!!!) MY PROBLEM:
>The rectangle and the label disappear under the form's controls though I
>put them via ZOrder to the top.

>What can I do to workaround this problem. (I don't want to change the
>TextBox's  size directly. That looks horrible on slow machines.)
>How do the other Windows-Application solve this problem? Are there API-
>Calls which can help me?

>I hope somebody can help me.

>Thank you in advance!


>PS: You may correct my english! May be I can improve it ...

>## CrossPoint v3.02 ##

    Instead of labels use picture boxes. Labels can not be put in front of the
    real windowed controls (buttons, text boxes, combos etc.) using ZOrder.
    Since you've put the labels on the form they will be behind the real
    controls even if you use ZOrder. But will be in front of other light
    controls (image, label, shape etc.)

Sun, 20 Jul 1997 13:15:05 GMT  
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