Is file ASCII or WinWord (or other binary) ? 
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 Is file ASCII or WinWord (or other binary) ?

I need to determine if a given file is straight-test (ASCII) or WinWord.
Alternatively, I would be happy just confirming the file is ASCII. Any

I've searched without success through numerous WinWord files (with
Norton DiskEdit) for some common character sequence. I also tried to use
the "LIKE" operator as documented in VB3 to search for any
non-alphanumeric characters - I couldn't get the feature to work AT ALL.
(I'll be posting a separate question re. "LIKE").

Also, I am quite comfortable using API functions... if any are available
that apply to my predicament. (Must be applicable to Win 3.X for my
current project.)

I prefer a solution useable in VB3 but I also have VB4 if necessary.
(16-bit only for this application.)


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Wed, 14 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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