VB4, THREED16.OCX, NT, Win 3.11 license problems - Too weird 
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 VB4, THREED16.OCX, NT, Win 3.11 license problems - Too weird


>I just installed VB4 Pro upgrade 16 and 32 bit. The original install was done
>under NT 3.51 into seperate directories (yeah, all 140 Mb worth). I loaded a
>VB3 project I'm working on into VB4 16-bit. It offered to update some VBX's
>(including THREED.VBX) to OCX's. I said sure. Looked at the project, ran it,
>compiled it everything went great. Cool! Decided to test under Win 3.11.
>Started VB4 16-bit, loaded a backup copy of the VB3 project, VB4 offered to
>convert the VBX's to OCX's, I said OK, VB4 told me that I wasn't authorized to
>use THREED.OCX in design mode. Hmmmmm ... Maybe some registry updates or INI
>updates didn't happen when VB4 16-bit was installed under NT. So I reinstalled
>VB4 16-bit under Win 3.11. After restarting VB4 the problem persisted. VB4
>16-bit still finds the license file under NT 3.51 but NOT under Win 3.11.
>Any ideas???

I had to install VB4 from both environments Win95 and Win31 to get
them working (I see you tried that) *and* I had to do a little hand
editing of the INI files. Mostly path fixes. After that it worked

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