Different Visual Basic Packages 
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 Different Visual Basic Packages

Being brief...
Can anyone tell me the differences between the different Visual Basic
packages that Microsoft is offering.  I was looking at a catalogue and a
retailer had a Visual Basic CDROM for $24.  Then there was the standard
edition for $99.  A professional upgrade for $159.  Another Profession
Upgrade...Competitive CD ROM for $269.  A Full professional for $499.

If I were to be trying to write and compile a stand alone program as I
used to be able to do in C, can I use one of the above?  

As I toured Microsoft.com/vbasic, I find that 5.0 is about to be
released.  Does anyone know if it is significantly better?

I appreciate any help you can give this tired soul.  I have waded thru
so much techi BS that says little to nothing.

Thu, 06 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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