Scripting another installer from within my installer 
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 Scripting another installer from within my installer

I have written a customized installer for Win95 for my workplace (4000
clients) which works quite well, however there is one protocol which needs
to be installed last, and won't integrate into the msbatch.inf which I have
written.  Therefore, I either need to be able to control it or press the
keys for the user, while shutting off the keyboard so the user can't do
anything.  I suppose I could do a Do while keydown ="" Loop, but I still
need to be able to SendKeys to the running app.  The problem is that some
machines are 486SX-33's and others are P166's, so the speed of the protocol
install varies greatly.  Which means that the message boxes and prompts the
install requires will come at different times based on the speed of the
machine.  Can I automate this via DDE or OLE?  Or is using SendKeys the
only way, and doesn't SendKeys seem like an actual keypress to the program?
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Tue, 09 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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