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 dll advice....

Thank you in advance for responding to this posting.

I have been assigned to work with a product which can call a dll, but
has no com or ole capabilities.

For printing, the programmer before me built what he wanted to print in
a file with each line containing
up to 80 characters, and also a font size for that line. He then had
this package execute a vb exe passing the
name of the file on the vb command line. This seems very slow, clumsy
and very limiting.

What I would like to do is build a dll which will handle all of the
printing. I am considering one of the following :

1) Build a dll in Visual C++ to handle the printing.

2) Build a dll in VB to handle printing. This I am not sure will work. I
have built ole server (or activeX) dll's in VB,
but I am not sure that since the product can calll dll's ( so far I have
seen it call simple dll's produced in C++), that it
can call dll's produced in VB.

    What are the differences in the dll's produced in vb? The vb5 wizard
makes what are called ActiveX dll's. Can these
dll's be called by any package that can use dll's, or are they special
dll's that can only be called by applications that have ole

3) Build a simple dll in c++ which uses an ActiveX dll produced by vb5.

In summary, I think the problem I need to overcome is the fact that the
product I am using has very limited dll calling capabilities. What I
would like to do is develop a print handler in VB, but am unsure whether
this package can call a vb produced dll. I do know it can use a VC++
produced dll. So my choices seem to be either develop the print handling
dll in vc++, or develop a vc++ dll interface between the package I am
using and a vb developed dll.

Comments Please.


Wed, 31 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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