Lost .frm file, vb5, what happened? 
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 Lost .frm file, vb5, what happened?

Seems a peculiar problem.....

Have you tried searching your h/d for files containing VERSION 5.00?
It may be a long shot but it'll take 5 minutes to possibly find your form.

Also, any chance it's one of those recovered files from a scan disk? They
are often not very readable, but sometimes you'll get lucky.


p.s. did you say 'backup' <g>

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
 Lost .frm file, vb5, what happened?
I think I am out of luck but maybe someone can offer a miracle. Here's
what happened (vb5):

1) I created a distributable version of the application using the app

2) I installed it on my on system, in a couple of different
directories, tested it, worked fine.

3) I reopened the vb project and kept getting message like "can't find
xxxx form in oldFolder", where old folder was *not* where the project
was pointing.

4) I have to cancel numerous times to get out of the project.

5) I re-open the project again, and after the error message, instead of
canceling, I continue into the project, and it comes up. Everything
suddenly seems ok.

When I run it, it can't find the main form! So I try adding a form to
the project, and there's the missing form! I add it.

Run again - the form is a month out of date! I've lost a months's worth
of work!  Arrggh!!!!  What happened??????

Any possibility of recovering?  Nothing in the recycle bin, and I'm
pretty sure I can't decompile the executable.  I don't have a backup,
of course...

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Wed, 12 Feb 2003 11:01:42 GMT  
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