Two Questions, one simple, one not so! 
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 Two Questions, one simple, one not so!

One: How can I send data across my LAN using Win 95 and VB4?  There must
be a simple API out there to do this!

Two, and this one's more difficult: I'm using BitBlt for some animations
and I have two objects on the screen - both moving.  When the two of
them collide, the graphics all stuffs up around them, and bits of each
object are left over.  The error obviously occurs when the TOP object is
copying the background (SRCCOPY) and the BOTTOM object is behind it.
Therefore parts of the BOTTOM object are considered to be part of the
background and it all stuffs up :(  There's got to be some way to fix


(I don't have the cash to read this newsgroup because I get charged by
the hour and I'm a student :)  Please send replies direct to:

Wed, 14 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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