Problem : Unable to pass an integer value from Visual Basic to Fortran DLL 
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 Problem : Unable to pass an integer value from Visual Basic to Fortran DLL

Couple of simple possibilities to start you off.
Hopefully, someone will have a better response.

Integers in VB5 are 16 bit. Make sure fortran is expecting
a 16 bit when you use type "INTEGER". If you need a 32 bit signed
integer, use VB type "Long".  

Of course, you need to be using a 32 bit Fortran compiler or
it's probably hopeless.

You might run the VB side in the environment de{*filter*}
and make sure your argumants are the type you expect.
I've had bad luck in the past defining more than one variable
on the same line (particularly where they are different types.)
I expect it's working orrectly in VB5, but... ;)

The FORTRAN is doing mixed mode arithmetic all over the
place. Yuck ;)    Some of your FORTRAN variables
might be mistyped. (Looks ok however at a glance.)
Also, the type of the function is perhaps integer, based on
the name "IHFL1" rather than double as you expect.

OK, reading your symptoms again, it's probably the
FORTRAN expecting a 32 bit integer for argument INEL and mangling it.

Luck,    ;)

- Matt

Tue, 16 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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