Scrollbars on MDI child forms? 
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 Scrollbars on MDI child forms?

Does anyone know how to get vertical and horizontal window scrollbars to
appear on child forms in an MDI application (like in Microsoft Word, for
example).  I want the user of the application I am developing to be able to
scroll about a bitmap grid (set as a Bitmap, larger than the possible
maximised child size, in the child form's picture property) in order that
they can drag items from an MDI toolbar onto any area of a child.  However,
I can only get scroll bars to appear on the MDI form itself (i.e that just
scroll child windows into view) and not within the childs themselves (i.e.
so that they can scroll the child's contents into view).

I would be very grateful of any help.

Fri, 17 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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