Error in DAO2516.DLL using SQL on ODBC-Source 
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 Error in DAO2516.DLL using SQL on ODBC-Source


I hope there is someone who can help me...

I am writing a 16-Bit VB4.0 program which receives data from an IBM AS/400
using SQL queries. I am using a Showcase Vista ODBC driver Ver. 01.2.0000.
The ODBC DLL file is dated at 16.08.94.

My SQL query looks like the following...

Data1.RecordSource = "SELECT month, filter, Sum(data) AS SumData " & _
                "FROM DATAFILE " & _
                "WHERE (month = '" & month "') AND (filter = '" & xxx & "')
" & _
                "GROUP BY month"

The program crashes at not regular intervals. If the ODBC connection runs
clearly I can make as many queries as I want, so I can exclude that the
has an error. But if the connection is "not stable" I only can make a few
The error occurs in the file DAO2516.DLL and later in MSAJT200.DLL.

Visual Basic is installed on a local HDD to be sure that all DLL-, OCX-, ..
files are
correctly registered.
I think I have tried everything except installing a new ODBC-Driver,
because it may be
an expensive try if it doesn't work. I reinstalled the ODBC-Driver, tried
every protocol,
every option - without success.
Maybe it depends on the many queries which are running one after another.
For example,
I need 16 queries for one process, that means, that after a query has been
made and
evaluated the next queries starts at once with other parameter.

Is the problem the old ODBC-Driver, Visual Basic, ...

I don't know... I am helpless and desperated.

You are my last hope...


Mon, 24 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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