Splash Screen Delay] Note on splashes 
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 Splash Screen Delay] Note on splashes

Splash screens are mainly used for programs that take a long while to
execute. The splash screen physiologically convinces the executor that the
program is loading and note to be impatient.

If you don't have an app that may load slow on some machines I suggest you
don't add it in.


> >Put a timer control on the splash form, set it for three or four
> >seconds, and unload frmSplash from the Timer event

> No idea how to do this......

> > MTW

> >> I'm using this code to display a splash screen, but it only shows for
> less
> >> than a second.  How can I set toe delay longer??

> >> Here's the code I'm using.

> >> Thanks.
> >> --------------------
> >> Sub Main()
> >>     frmSplash.Show
> >>     frmSplash.Refresh
> >>     Set fMainForm = New frmMain
> >>     Load fMainForm
> >>     Unload frmSplash

> >>     fMainForm.Show
> >> End Sub
> >> -------------------------------


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