DB-Library/VBX and CT-Library/VBX 
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 DB-Library/VBX and CT-Library/VBX

Looking for a complete DB-Library/VBX (faster than VBSQL) and has
all the bulk-copy DB-Library function set, all the error handler
and message handler parameters... 20% to 30% faster...

Or want to use the new SYBASE CT-Library, all handlers,
callbacks?  Complete printed manual, on-line manuals, working

Check SQL-Sombrero/VBX/OLE 2 Automation and OCX for DB-Library
and CT-Library from SFI at 819 778-5045 ext:152.

Faxback document index 61 by calling 819 778-5045 (ext 1).
Info 800 567-9127
BBS  819 778-8556

Wed, 13 Aug 1997 07:45:03 GMT  
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