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We run a VMS based system on an Alpha where users want to be able to
send/receive Internet email via a dial-up modem connection. Since the
version of TCP/IP on that system does not support POP3, I am writing a
PC application in Visual Basic, running under Windows 95, that will
collect files from the Alpha, compose them as email messages and send
them to the Internet using MAPI. It will also collect messages and
send them to the Alpha. As the MAPI part is quite basic, I am using
the MAPI controls in VB5.

I am having the following problems:
- When I send and receive the email messages, sometimes they are not
delivered. I think (I'm pretty certain actually) this is because my
program is simultaneously trying to access the POP3 server to receive
mail, and the SMTP server to send it. I have separate functions in my
program to do the MAPI .fetch and .send, but I think that the program
carries on and goes onto the next part before the first has finished.
How can I tell it not to send any mail until it has finished
receiving? NB I do the receive first as part of the SignOn, by having
DownLoadNewMail set to True so that the connection is automatically
dialled and then hung up again afterwards. I had problems when I tried
to dial and hang up manually as again I don't know when the line is
inactive so I can hang up.

- When I try to send the received mail to the Alpha (using Windows
ftp), it fails with the message 'Unknown host'. I had no problems
logging on to collect any outgoing messages. I use an actual IP
address rather than a name. My theory is that my PC becomes confused
about its network (as it has 2 IP addresses, one for the Internet, one
for our LAN) and does not realise that the Internet connection has
been closed. However, I don't know how to get round this.

Any help would be appreciated!

Oliver Lippold
Hivedome Ltd

Sat, 09 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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