Access Report vs Crystal Report 
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 Access Report vs Crystal Report

>I know Access supports reports with-in the database, but I don't know how
>to print them through VB.  Therefore, should I learn about Crystal Reports
>or stick with trying to run an Access Reports through VB.  If I use the
>Access Report how would I do so.  Any Information will be greatly

        Crystal is not a bad way to do reports, but the version supplied

with VB 3.0 under Win 3.1 requires a lot of free resources in order to

run errorless.

        Reports under Access require you execute the Access program from

within VB via Execute ( something like that or SHELL ). If you do not

have the Access runtime ($300-400 extra) then your client must have the

Access interactive program. Neither is a clean solution!

        Or you can use the VB Print commands and go crazy with field

position calculations !

        Good Luck either way


Tue, 25 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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