TabCtl32.Ocx Problems 
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 TabCtl32.Ocx Problems

I just got a new computer and installed VB5 from my CD.  Then, I updated the
installation with SP3.

For some reason, now I can't use the TabCtl32.ocx component in a form.  I
get an Error 429 "You are not licensed to use this component in the design

I've used RegSvr32 to successfully register the TabCtl32.ocx component with
the machine.  I can see the ocx in the component list and include in in the
component window.  But I can't actually place it on a form without getting
the error message.

If I try to run a copied source code that had a Tab Control on a form, I get
an error when I try to run it within the Visual Basic environment.

I sure would appreciate any suggestions anyone might have.

RAD Software

Wed, 20 Aug 2003 14:25:58 GMT  
 TabCtl32.Ocx Problems
Thank you so much.  I looked around for 3 hours last night looking for an
answer, including Microsoft's site, to no avail.

Could you tell me how you found that answer in their site so maybe I don't
have to bug people next time I have a problem?  :)


Wed, 20 Aug 2003 21:42:59 GMT  
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