Accessing ActiveX properties from other forms 
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 Accessing ActiveX properties from other forms

I'm working on the design of a program that will take a lot of user
input as properties of
ActiveX controls on many different forms (probably about 30+ forms, with
up to 30
ActiveX components!). These are ActiveX component that I will write
myself and are
basically glorified combo boxes, text boxes or check boxes.

Problem #1:
In proto-typing this I created 10 forms with 3 tabs each, and 10 ActiveX
controls per tab.
Loading up this project takes an age usually causes an out of Memory
error and VB runs to a standstill. (I using a 233MHz, 64MB, Pentium II).
For this example there were 300 ActiveX controls but they were all
instances of the same ActiveX. Am I somehow using 300 times more memory
than I really need to?

Problem #2:
A particular question might depend on the values of 5 other questions
which are all on different forms. If I reference a property of an
ActiveX control it's form must be loaded in memory. How might I handle
this other than having 30 forms and 900 ActiveX components in memory at
all times (if that were even an option)?

Any help or pointers as to where I might find answers would be much

Sun, 19 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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