RTP crowd dunks Delphi experts!!! 
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 RTP crowd dunks Delphi experts!!!

A complete press release is included below. Here is the down and dirty

RTP delphi Interest Group
Subject - Dunk the Delphi Experts
Reseach Triangle Park, NC
Wednesday, July 17, 1996 - 4:45pm
New Horizons Learning Center
Willow Oak Bldg., Suite 116
4625 Creekstone Dr.
Durham, NC


NEWS FLASH!!! Delphi Experts Get Dunked by rowdy RTP, NC crowd.

Research Triangle Park, NC. --  A new computer interest group has
started in the
Research Triangle Park Area in North Carolina.  The RTP Delphi Interest
(RTP DIG) will meet on third Wednesdays of each month at 4:45 PM at the
Horizons Learning Center.  The next meeting is July 17.

What better way to beat the mid-July heat than to wind up your wit and
take your
best shot at "Dunking the Delphi Experts" at the next meeting of RTP
DIG.  See
the "experts" taunt the crowd, prodding them to deliver on their
promises of the
"hard ball". Listen and learn as the experts stay afloat with rapid fire
and tricks. Bring your best "pitch" and maybe you'll be the one to bring
down with a big SPLASH.

Why YOU Should Attend!

Delphi is Borland's highly aclaimed, award winning visual integrated
environment.  If you are using Delphi, the RTP DIG meeting is THE place
to go to
meet your peers, keep informed, exchange tips, and even have some fun.  
If you
are using Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Visual C++, or some other
environment, you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to come see what Delphi is all
Developers of all kinds are looking seriously at Delphi.  Most don't
look back
to their old environment.

Next Meeting Agenda:

4:45 - Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Show & Tell.

See application demonstrations that highlight IDE Tips & Tricks from

5:00 - Brief business meeting.
5:20 - Review of Delphi-specific books & magazines.
5:30 - Dunk the Delphi Experts.

An open forum to allow anyone and everyone to ask a panel of experts
from the trivial to the terrifying. Bring your best shot. Dunk the
expert and
win a prize!  All questions will get answered.

The mission of the RTP Delphi Interest Group is sharing information to
and potential users of Delphi. Information will be both general
and language-specific in nature.  The RTP DIG is dedicated to generating
interest in the Delphi development environment and increasing the
knowledge of
the benefits of Object-Oriented Programming using Delphi.

Upcoming programs will feature:
* Presentations by third-party software vendors
* Presentations by members of actual completed projects
* Leveraging the Internet with Delphi
* Presentations by Borland
* Delphi vs other GUI-development environments (Visual Basic,
Small Talk, C++, etc.)
* Object-Oriented Programming
* Object-Oriented Design
* Component development
* Database applications
* Delphi 1 -> Delphi 2 and Delphi 2 -> Delphi 1 migration

Directions to our meeting place:
* Take I-40 to the Page Road exit
* Turn right onto Page Road
* Turn right onto Holiday Inn Dr.
* Take the immediate left onto Creekstone Dr.
* New Horizons is on the first floor of the second building on your
(across from the preschool).

New Horizons Learning Center
Willow Oak Bldg., Suite 116
4625 Creekstone Dr.
Durham, NC
(919) 941-5008

For more information about the RTP DIG, contact Mark Hutchinson at (919)

Sat, 02 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 RTP crowd dunks Delphi experts!!!

>Why YOU Should Attend!

Why YOU should consider posting this to a Delphi group ONLY, f***ing idiot.

If it weren't for the stupid, who'd be smart?

Sun, 03 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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