RDO ResultSets vs 'Commit' 
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 RDO ResultSets vs 'Commit'

Does anyone know of a way to allow an RDO ResultSet to 'survive' an
EndTrans( ) call made on its rdoConnection?
I am attempting to build a mechanism that :
(1) calls BeginTran( ) to start a Transaction,
(2) reads a row from a 'queue' of Transactions (rows held in an Ingres
DB table),
(3) processes the row as required,
(4) tags the row as 'processed' - initially I tried deleting it but the
ResultSet didn't survive that, either  (5) calls EndTrans( ) to wrap up
the transaction, and
(6) reads the next row in the ResultSet.

Everything works up to step (6), when I get error 40088 - "No open
cursor or cursor closed".  I've checked through the other stages and the
ResultSet is fine up to the MoveNext so, I assume, it's the EndTrans( )
that's causing the damage.

Any ideas gratefully received,
    Phill  W.

Fri, 04 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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