ListView problems - improper sort and lines when scrolling 
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 ListView problems - improper sort and lines when scrolling

   I'm starting to use the ListView control and I've noticed a few
weird problems. Some may be me, and I'm sure that one is the control.

1) If I set .Sorted to True when in design mode, the first item added
is _always_ first in the list, and the rest are sorted properly. ???
   I've found that setting .Sorted = False, adding the items, then
setting .Sorted = True afterwards is almost twice as fast. So this is
no longer an issue, but I'm curious if it's me.

2) Whenever I scroll less than the height of the control, I get lines
between the rows. That is, if I scroll one row at a time, every row
has a line. If I scroll 5 lines, then the fifth line has a line under
it. This happens on two different systems, so I know it's not the
video. (Win95, btw)

3) I'm using Dir$ to get all file names in a directory and adding them
to the ListView. The first file name added displays improperly,
(regardless of it's location in the list after sorting). Only the
first 8 characters can be seen, and if I click on it the box is the
same size. But if I click on the file name above, then the first file
is now displayed correctly, ie; the full file name is displayed.

Mon, 31 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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