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 VBWire.com Newsflash

VBWire.com Newsflash

These headline's links and descriptions from the past few weeks can all be
found at:


- Add calendaring and scheduling to your apps
- Updated 3D control pack now available
- New VB game programming site
- Carl & Gary are alive and well
- William Storage on VB6
- Free registry control available
- Free source code demos the use of VB5 add-ins
- New VB website offers a bit of everything
- VB6: First in its web class
- New VBWire mobile channel for PPCs
- Access the registry, professionally
- 920 routines for VB 3-5
- Updated Reg OCX 98 now available
- ActiveX resource center gets facelift
- FLC animation ActiveX control available
- Excalibur PropertyList control released
- Limit your apps with LicenseManager
- New search engine for VB developers
- VB6 does the web
- New Tcl script engine for VB
- ActivePicture does dashboards, knobs and more
- New console compiler for Win98 and WinNT
- ActiveX Manager 1.2 released
- Stats tool beta available
- ObjGen 1.1 beta now available
- New VB game programming site on-line
- SpyWorks update available

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Wed, 17 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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