Comm Control don't work 
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 Comm Control don't work

Ref: MSCOMMS Don't Work

I'm trying to use vb4.0 Comms control - MSCOMM
on ms-win95 the command is as follow :

  MSComm4.PortOpen = True
  MSComm4.Output   = "ATT" + Chr$(13)
  MSComm4.Output   = "ATD1234567" + Chr$(13)
  MSComm4.PortOpen = False

  & the setting is as follow,
  port = comm4
  setting = 9600,n,8,1

They is no response from the plug-in modem. If
someone experience this before please do advice.
( note that the modem setting is all right and I'm using it to post this message ! )

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Wed, 08 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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