MSChart axes scaling problem (VB5 Pro) 
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 MSChart axes scaling problem (VB5 Pro)

hi folks,

i am using VB5 (professional) to control a lab experiment - it is supposed to
plot the data as it goes along, so we are just sending it directly to an
MSChart control. this works perfectly fine, except for the fact that VB seems
to like to have one unit on the x and y axes occupy the same number of pixels
on the screen. in this particular case it is electrical resistance (y) against
magnetic field (x). so if i vary the field by 100 units (oersteds) and the
resistance changes by only 1 or 2 units (ohms), i get a very wide graph that
fills the whole width of the control, but is only about 5 pixels high! there
seem to be no properties that can be adjusted to do with the axes scales. at
the moment we are getting a reasonably proportioned graph by scaling the
x-data multiplying it all by a scale factor. but it's an inelegant fudge, as
the units have a real physical significance.

i'm no VB expert - we are learning it as we go along as we do this particular
project, but this is the first problem we have had that the documentation
hasn't been able to fix for us. i'd be very grateful to hear if anyone has a
solution to this problem, or can point out if we have set something up
wrongly, etc.

thanks in advance,



  Dr Chris Marrows
  Dept of Physics & Astronomy,
  E.C.Stoner Laboratory,
  University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
  Fax  : +44 (0)113 2333846

Sat, 23 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 MSChart axes scaling problem (VB5 Pro)
I had a similar problem when I was using the Pinnicle graphing control that
came with VB4 (it comes with VB5 too but the install didn't put it on the hard

Anyway it all came down to having the autoscaule turned on for the axis.  If I
turned off the autoscale and made a reasonable guess as to the necessary scale
and set it myself all was well.

You might be able to do the same with the MSGraph control.  I haven't tried
using that yet (both the Pinnicle and MSGraph control are HUGE and I usually
don't need all that "power").  If I get time over the weekend I will play with
the control and see...


Tue, 26 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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