VB 6 DEployment: Prob with misssing files. 
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 VB 6 DEployment: Prob with misssing files.


I'm having major problems with the install disks that i created using the
deployments wizard. Presently, i'm trying to copy the .cab files to 11
disks. Here are the issues i am aware of:
1) it seems the VB6SUNST.exe application is not copied into the .cab
files, or moved into the temp directory used while building the software
on a client machine.
2) I get an error something to the affect of "The file
'c:\winnt\system32\system32\stdole2.tlb was registered but not copied" and
something about a possibly incorrect logfile format.

are there problems with the vb6 installer ? or am i doing something wrong?

Any help? I'm baffled.

Noah Wollowick

Mon, 04 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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