Conversion vb3 > vb5 - news.txt [01/01] 
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 Conversion vb3 > vb5 - news.txt [01/01]

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       Yes Commander, 5 days, to convert almost a meg of vb3 code to VB5.
       Alas, where shall we start. The CD takes over on entry.
       Upon setup if IE 3.1 is not installed the ActiveX Controls will never be available.
       Right button allows access to open the wonders of the CD.
       VB5 drops at least Threed32,Grid32,Spin32 OCX's into oblivion explaining
       they are no longer supported and were not shipped with VB5.
       Of course, for backward compatability, they are on the CD in TOOLS directory.
       The resistry (no, it was not misspelled), class oriented as it is, on load
       had some problems registering vb3 stuff. Catch 22 -- you can load the controls
       but you can't load the program and expect the forms & the controls to get along.
       Now, If you want to go to VB5 from vb3 and you go thru VB4-16 you get there from
           What, I only used 4 days, don't I get one to play now.  
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It's out of control

Mon, 01 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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