ObjectContext object error 
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 ObjectContext object error

I am attempting to instantiate the ObjectContext object within my VB6
component so that I can use the URLEncode method of the intrinsic ASP
Server object.

I have referenced the COM+ Services Type Library and the Microsoft
Server Pages Object Library (Asp.dll). I'm on Win2K.

Still, when I attempt the following code, I get an "Object variable or
With block variable not set" error on the line where I Set objServer =

    Dim objContext As ObjectContext
    Dim objServer As Server
    Set objContext = GetObjectContext()
    Set objServer = objContext("Server")

    strHtmlBody = objServer.HTMLEncode(strHtmlBody)

Anybody know why?

Mon, 08 Aug 2005 03:30:18 GMT  
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