Help with DBGRID32.ocx or System Registry 
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 Help with DBGRID32.ocx or System Registry

I have a small app that uses DBGRID.  For some  reason today, when I go
to execute the EXE, it won't work giving me the error "Component
DBGRID32.OCX not correctly registered: file is missing or invalid".
When I go to C|\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ it is there.  I thought maybe somehow it
got corrupted so I had a friend email me a copy.  I renamed the old one
and saved the emailed one to the same directory.  I still get the same
error.  My kids were playing one of their computer games this morning,
one that they have played a hundred times before.  I doubt if that did
something,  Last night while working on a Visual Basic app, the only
strange thing I did was hook up the Word reference to a project I was
working on.  Any ideas on how to fix this error.  Is there something in
the system registry that I need to set. I'm a little leery about going
into there since I'm not really sure what to look for.  A wise man once
told me to never go in there because you are just asking for trouble,
but I will if this will make this problem go away.  Please help with any
suggestions.  Do I need to reinstall Visual Basic or Windows 95 or what?


Thu, 19 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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