How: Detect Dialup-Connection with Dialup-Network? 
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 How: Detect Dialup-Connection with Dialup-Network?

Hello everybody!

I have a question that nobody yet could give me an answer

I am writing a utility to keep track of online-sessions
under Windows 95. The user starts his connection using the
Win95-Dialup-network (I hope this is the english word for
it, the german version calls it different).

My utility (written in VB3 and/or VB4) wants to check
whether the user is connected or not, using the
Dialup-Network. I can't find any way to do this. I have no
documentation about TAPI.DLL or TAPI32.DLL and I don't know
whether a usage of these would do the task for me (but I
guess they probably would).

I did try to use "FindWindow" and "GetCaption" from the
Windows-API, but this way - reading the Dialup-Network's
Caption bar - is not secure enough because it often fails
when a different popup-window shows. So I found this to not
be acceptable.

I do need any help I can get to solve my problem. Do you
have a documentation on the TAPI.DLL/TAPI32.DLL? Do you have
any ideas how to solve my problem? I can use both, 16bit AND
32bit-API/TAPI (I prefer 32bit, but that's not too

Please excuse my horrible english (I'm only german). If you
have any idea, please MAIL me (I cannot keep on watching
this group because it is too expensive to get all of these
articles from germany).

ANY HELP is strongly needed! Thank you very much for

Please mail solutions or ideas to:

Of course, never forget, other people might also be
interested, so it would be nice for all to also post answers
to this group).

Thank you again.

Mathias Schiffer

Fri, 16 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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