need VB5 help with Custom OCX version problem 
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 need VB5 help with Custom OCX version problem

I have written a custom OCX control using VB5 (SP3), which I use as a
component in another VB5 app I have written. In the ocx's project
properties I have selected the option to auto-increment the version
number. Whenever I recompile the OCX, afterwards I can examine
the OCX version by right-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer and
viewing it's properties. The current version of my OCX as reported by
Explorer is  1.0.5. Now here's the weird part: If I load the VB app
that uses my control into the IDE, I get a message that reads "Version
13.0 of KeyPAR.ocx is not registered. The control will be upgraded to
version 14.0". Why does the IDE think my control is at version 14? It
should be version 1.0.5. When I open up my .vbp file in notepad, I see
a line that reads:

 Object={26480EE3-D927-11D1-A2FD-008029688553}#14.0#0; KeyPAR.ocx

I'm not sure what this entry means exactly, but it seems to be some
kind of GUID that is associated with my KeyPAR.ocx, and also what
appears to be a version number (14.0) that is not really the accurate
version number. Does anybody know why there are two  different version
numbers associated with my ocx? I've searched high and low in various
VB documentation, VB websites, and even dejanews, with no success.



Tue, 27 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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