Ad Hoc Reports, Searching Text, Wizards 
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 Ad Hoc Reports, Searching Text, Wizards

I am writing a large app that is now ready for some advanced features.
These are things I haven't done before in VB and I'd appreciate any help
you can give me.

1) I want the users to be able to create their own ad hoc reports.  I have
Crystal Reports 4.5.  Is there source or an example of doing this for
crystal?  How about any other report generators? It's still not too late
for me to switch to another one if it provides this feature for me.

2) I want the users to be able to search for a substring used in ANY notes
field, or ANY other field for that matter.  Any ideas?  Speed is an issue
since the database may get large.

3) I want to provide wizards to make certain tasks easier to do.  Is there
a standard for creating wizards or maybe a framework available to create

4) If I continue to use Crystal reports, based on the results of question
1, is there a better way to control the Preview window? i.e. can i make it
a child window? can i hide buttons such as the export button?  I'm using
crystal 4.5, but would upgrade to 5.0 if it's only possible in the new

Thanks for you help...

Jeremy Markman


Tue, 02 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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