How to install True Type Fonts In Win 3.1 with VB3 
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 How to install True Type Fonts In Win 3.1 with VB3

Hello All,

First off...I have already searched DEJANEWS and found some info, but what I found does not
scratch my itch with this problem.

As the subject line says I need to find out how to install True Type fonts in Win 3.1 with VB3 code...

I know how to use AddFontResource to add a *.fon font resource to the system, and I know how
to use this API call to add the True Type *.fot font resource to the system.  But...How do I take a
*.ttf file and add it to the system?  (The *.fot appears to be created when I install the font with Font Minder,
but how do I get the *.fot file generated from my VB3 programs???  I know about updating the win.ini file too.)

Any ideas?


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Tue, 24 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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