Maximizing a form like VB main window 
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 Maximizing a form like VB main window

I'm trying to design a main window much like the Visual Basic window -
it's just a strip with toolbar and menu at the top of the screen. When
it is maximized, it aligns itself like a normal maximized window, but
doesn't fill up the whole screen.

I want to do this, but when the maximize button is pressed, the form
fills the entire screen. Is there anyway to intecept the maximizing of a
form and alter it to suit your needs, a la the VB window? Also, if the
form isn't maximized, and you just set it to the size you want it, (so
it *looks* like it's maximized) then the form can be moved by clicking
and dragging on the title bar. I don't want this to happen. When it's
maximized, then form can't be dragged. Try it in VB and see what I mean.

Thanks the help in advance,

Craig McDonald

Sun, 21 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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