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 Automation idioms


>In Windows you think about automation in terms of what process the thing
>you are going to automate is going to support.  Active X is just a glue
>that lets objects implemented in differening languages talk to each other.


>The point about Active X is that you can use any language you want.

Right, I understand, and you explain it well.

I guess I'm curious about a question at a different
level.  From time to time, Microsoft has experimented
with positioning VBA as the automation-mechanism-of-
choice--never with much success, from what I can tell
at the periphery of the Wintel world.  DDE and COM
and ... have all been "the answer" on occasions, even
though, as you point out, they're not directly compar-
able, and thus must be answering different questions.

What would *you* do, if you walked into a department,
and someone said, "We want to pick up a few documents,
with variable contents, from more-or-less fixed loca-
tions, pack them up as e-mail attachments, personalize
the message just a touch, and send it on its way"?
We can get PowerBuilder to do it, maybe Microsoft
Messaging has its own scripting capabilities, writing
a *.BAT looks like a bit too much of a challenge, ...

No one has assigned me this task.  I'm just trying to
get a feel for the uses real people make of ActiveX
and VBA in the real world of lots of small, *ad hoc*
limited-lifetime tasks.

Cameron Laird           http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~claird/home.html

Thu, 18 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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