VBrains!!! Certain WAV files don't play through MCI.VBX 
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 VBrains!!! Certain WAV files don't play through MCI.VBX

Dear VBrains, VBoys and VBusters,

Here is the problem:

When I used the MCI.VBX to play certain WAV files, I get into
big trouble!!!!

When I start up windows, it plays a wave file through the
sound blaster speakers without a problem.  However, there are several specific
sounds (downloaded from the net) that
will not play through the Soundblaster speakers.  They play
through the PC speaker.  I have no clue why they don't play through
my sound blaster speakers.  They are all very
short (under 1.5 seconds) and if loaded into the Soundblaster
sound editor, they will play properly through the SB speakers.  However,
when played through the MCI.VBX, they are routed to my PC speakers
and truncated, so I only hear the first milisecond of the WAV file.

Do you have a clue as to why this happens?  If you do, you are
truly a VBasher to the 10th Degree!!!

Thanks so much.

Steve at LavaMind

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Tue, 26 Aug 1997 15:41:52 GMT  
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